The Biggest Show in the Bay

The Bay 51 featuring Midgets and support classes Super-Saloons and Sprintcars.

This weekend under red light Covid conditions Baypark Speedway will roar with a made for stream live event without any fans in the stadium. However the team have really amped up the next best thing!

Here are the entries for this weekends first ever running of the Bay 51 Midget Car Race.

⭐1NZ Hayden Williams⭐2NZ Ryan Baker⭐3NZ Max Guilford⭐5A Brock Maskovich⭐7A Benjamin Mathews⭐10A Brad Mosen⭐11A Kaleb Currie⭐14M Kenny Roberts⭐25M Aaron Hodgson⭐34A Jordan McDonnell⭐39A Peter Hunnibell⭐54A Michael Pickens⭐54C Jack Low⭐63A Jayden Worthington⭐67S Duane Hickman⭐71A Alec Insley⭐77A Michael Morrison⭐77V Brent Curran⭐78A Kent Palmer⭐91M Hayden Guptill⭐95K Mitch Fabish⭐97A Breyton Davidson⭐97P Karl McGill⭐99A Cole Robertson⭐46p Levi Sherwood ⭐84K Ben Cometti⭐46a Troy Jeffries⭐10m Mitch Osborne

Unfortunately it looks like a certain South island Speedster may have been too late getting the car on the ferry so will unfortunately not be able to make the list rounding the entries out at 28.