Rodney Wood explains what him and the team are doing!

Here it first from the man himself, Rodney wood explains the changes in Baypark track

There has been a lot of misinformation causing confusion on what exactly has been done by Rodney and the team of Specialist from J Swaps at Baypark Speedway.

This video will explain from Rodney himself exactly what they have been doing, its also very interesting and helps explain a lot about why the track has come away over the years.

We want to really thanks Rodney for his dedication to the sport and to Baypark Speedway and his team, this is why we want to keep it going and have as many events that can be run as possible.

Alongside Bill Buckley and The promotions team SRL with Rodney and many others its good to see that the many hands together makes lighter work and hope the fans appreciate the effort we all are doing.

Have a watch of the video here is the link and im sure you will just as excited as us by the end.

Baypark Track Work – YouTube

Baypark Track Work – YouTube