Designed by Scorpion Racewear

Pre sales can be ordered by emailing [email protected]

T Shirts come in Blue, Black and Grey. Sizes are Adult S, M, L, XL and XXL. Kids Sizes are 4,8 and 12, and are in the same colors and are subject to availability .

Our new Merch Caps are Flex fit Caps, There are all black and have the cars by them selves on them.

Sprintcar, Super-Saloon and Midgets caps are $35 each. Baypark speedway logo and slogan cap is $30.

We also have limited snapback logo caps and trucker caps while stocks last.

We do send overseas but in the off season subject to availability and while stocks last.

There will also be an extra cost of shipping if required.

We also sell, Light Swords, Flashing Led Lights, Jelly rings and Necklaces that also flash with LED Lights.

All the above range from $4 – $10, We also sell James Selwyn Sprintcar Masks, Earmuffs and Ear plugs, as well as Poncho’s, and protective eyewear for both Adults and Children. You can even purchase pre ordered canvas’s from out Track photographer Zach Rayner. Please contact the photographer or send us an email in regards to photo selection, sizes and prices.

The Merchandise Store is open from 5pm – 10:15pm as you enter and exit the stadium.

The image used on our new T Shirts designed by Scorpion Racewear.