Let’s Talk – With Michael Stock

Years racing: About 10 off and on
Home track: Baypark
Feature wins: A couple 
Classes raced: Stockcars, F2 Midgets 
Sponsors: Ultimate Homes, Napa Tauranga,Tauranga Tyres and Batteries, RH race engines, Novaform Building  

When did you start racing and how did you get into it?

Started racing around 2012. I got into racing as a young fella at the old Baypark helping clean drivers cars and probably getting in the way, then just hung around doing the odd demo derby and pit crewing until eventually I brought my own stockcar.

What classes have you run over the years?

Demo Derbys, Stockcars, F2 Midgets 

What are you most proud of in your racing career?

Probably my involvement with the Baypark Stockcar teams and coming fourth in my first ever F2 feature at Western Springs  

What titles have you received while racing?

3rd BOP Champs 20-21, 3rd Season points 19-20 and a heap of 4th places.  

What is your all-time favourite track to race at and why?

Kihikihi, They always have a relaxed atmosphere in idyllic park-like surroundings   

What are you currently doing in the off-season and how do you prepare
mentally and physically for this sport?

I work as much as I can to try to pay for this crazy hobbie, spend time with my family and try and fit in some maintenance around that. Then about a month out from the season starting I’ll think about going for a run.
What do you hope to achieve next season?

Try to get a bit more consistent in the new class (f2 midgets) and maybe pick up a couple flags. 

What characteristics do you think are important to becoming successful in

I don’t know Im not successful, but I would guess a bit of mongrel mixed with a whole lot of patience.  

What is happening with your car in the off-season any major changes we
should look out for once the season starts?

The cars going on a diet as it’s easier for the car to lose weight than the driver.

Speedway racing can be fast and dangerous, looking out toward the fans, what
do you think is one thing the fans will never understand until they are behind
the wheel of a race car?

How much some of the crashes can actually hurt and how fast it actually is.

What is your favourite race on the NZ race calendar?

Palmy Teams as a spectator are by far the best two nights of the year. I always enjoyed the Fredrickson gold cup in the stockcar although I never did very well at it, and stockcar teams. 

Who do you admire most in motorsport and why?

I admire the battlers, the guys that go out every weekend on their own backs to put on a show and don’t get a podium but they keep turning up, they don’t have the flashiest gear or the biggest sponsors but they put everything they have into their racing and keep smiling not matter win or lose.  

Let’s talk about Baypark Speedway,

What made you decide to run the Mighty M?

I’ll always have an M on my car, it’s the closet track to my home and I don’t track hop.

What do you think of the changes and the direction the speedway is
The changes at Baypark are really positive especially with all the work that’s going on to the racing surface.   
What would you like to see improve for both the speedway and your

I’d like to see F2 midgets raced at more tracks around the country

Tell us about your sponsors, what kind of business they run and the support
you get from them.

Ultimate Homes

Napa Autoparts Tauranga 

Tauranga Tyres and Batteries 

RH Race engines 

Novaform Building 

There is no way that i could do this without the help of my crew and I have had so much help this year as I didn’t know what I was doing.

My Crew Chief Steve always turns up and works his butt off every night.  

Simon Lee this fella helps so many people out and is always keen to lend a hand no matter what.

Gomer is always keen and good at seeing the positive side of a bad situation.

Dave, Brody, Josh and Jared lending a hand when you guys aren’t racing. 

and to everyone else who I’ve annoyed  for a hand thank you so much 

And lastly to my lovely wife you’re the best and thanks to my kids for letting me spend their inheritance. 

Final words …… What would you like to say to your fans and the wider speedway community?

I’m not sure i have many fans but if you want come down to the pits and have yarn I’m sure most of the driver wouldn’t mind chatting to you