Let’s Talk – With Lee Porter

Years racing: 8 Years

Home track: Baypark

Feature wins: Pass, maybe 3? Features aren’t really a thing in stockcars

Classes raced: Stockcars and Superstocks

Sponsors: 1st Call Recruitment, Scrapman, Pyes Pa Engineering, Commercial Signs, Steve Daniel

When did you start racing and how did you get into it?

Watched a little when I was a kid, a mate had a production saloon when we were teenagers. worked on Kerry Remnant’s cars as a signwriter. Wasn’t till Steve (Daniel) and Tim (Sidwell) started doing stockcars that I got more interested.

What classes have you run over the years?

Mainly stockcars, had 2 seasons running both the stockcar and a Superstock

What are you most proud of in your racing career?

Either my first season, the 2016/17 season or the one just been. 2016 was just such a good year SNZ title wise and I met so many GCs.

What titles have you received while racing?

Club points championships twice and a third, other than that some good placings in SNZ titles

What is your all-time favourite track to race at and why?

It has to be Baypark, I love to go fast and BP is the fastest, most success is probably at Rotorua, even though I really struggled there early on in my career

What are you currently doing in the off-season and how do you prepare mentally and physically for this sport?

Absolutely nothing lol, I switch to rugby pretty quickly in the offseason and I like to give what I’m doing 100% focus. We’ll get into the car mid august and go over it but it really should be good to go now if I wanted it to be.

What do you hope to achieve next season?

GOLD CUP. That’s it. Also, mentor my son August in stockcars.

What characteristics do you think are important to becoming successful in racing?

Attention to detail on your car, maintenance, setup and how you’re driving. Be able to recognise the faults and knowing the path to fixing them

What is happening with your car in the off-season any major changes we should look out for once the season starts?

Just buying more spares, restocking stuff I used during last season.

Probably a new design on the body as the last body was a bit worn

Speedway racing can be fast and dangerous, looking out toward the fans, what do you think is one thing the fans will never understand until they are behind the wheel of a race car?

Especially at Baypark, just how big it is at a track level and how much room there really is. Also the awesome noises of the vehicles around you at full noise.

What is your favourite race on the NZ race calendar?

As a racer? Opening night, probably more in the older days, like opening night was the absolute BEST. Drivers absolutely rearing to race, big crowds, fireworks. Not so much now seem the gloss of opening night has faded away.

As a spectator, probably World 240’s in Rotorua.

Who do you admire most in motorsport and why?

Jay Huggies’ Holtham, pfffft. At 12years old Ayton Senna was my hero, but in speedway and more relatable to my class would be Ross Ashby, genuine selfless legend and gives everything he has to the sport and, like me, questions why, cos motorsport is ridiculous haha.

Let’s talk about Baypark Speedway,

– What made you decide to run the Mighty M?

Because I live here, that’s about it, once you’re around long enough the letters don’t really matter anymore

What would you like to see improve for both the speedway and your class?

Concrete Ovals, seriously, like in states and UK, race most of the year, why not? I think BP should be all concrete.

Tell us about your sponsors, what kind of business they run and the support you get from them?

1st Call Recruitment- Phil is my biggest supporter, without him I’d have been done with years ago.

Scrapman- Mark has always supported me, even when I don’t ask for it

Pyes Pa Engineering- my best friend, team mate, we been doing this thing together from the beginning, he fixes my broke stuff.

Commercial Signs- work tings

Steve Danielalso one of my best mates, he still owns my trailer lol

We know sponsors play a big part but so do crews and families, tell us about your support team?

Stacey Keach- without Stacey I’d definitely have had stopped years ago, literally. he’s my engine builder, fault finder, race mentor, sounding board, Mr fix it. I’ve learnt so much from him

Myk Gerbesbeen my crew chief for so long, appreciate everything he’s done for me, all the motivation and general help

Obviously my Wife Debbie and Family, my eldest son August, last year it was mostly just me and him, this year he’ll be graduating from ministocks and getting into the stockcar, in all honesty he’ll be driving more this year than me.

Final Word……

Thank you to all the fans, families that come and watch and support all the drivers, all the businesses attached to them as well.