Lets Talk – with Dale (Snowman) Bigwood

Years racing    lots

Home track Baypark Speedway

Classes raced Saloons and Super Saloons

Sponsors  Tasman aluminum

When did you start racing and how did you get into it?

I started racing when I was an apprentice at Todd and Pollock at the old  Baypark when I was 16 in a mark 4 Cortina with a Grenada v6

What classes have you raced over the years?

I’ve only ever raced saloons and now a super saloon.

What are you most proud of in your career?

I haven’t won a hell of a lot due to minimal sponsors and  tight budget  but my last 2 seasons in the kmac Camaro saloon were pretty cool and qualifying for the NZs was a highlight as well as winning points and feature points at Baypark last season.

What titles have you won?

None 😆

What is your favourite track in NZ?

Waikaraka Park is pretty special to me because its where I made a comeback in saloons and turned a lot of laps there and got my first flag there too.

What’s been happening in the off season and how have you been prepare mentally and physically for the up coming season?

Were making a couple of updates to the suspension on the Hypermac this year and I’m going to try and get fitter than last year so I’m prepared for longer laps than saloons.

Photo courtesy of the write angle. Snowman swings it out of Papamoa bend at Baypark Speedway

What do you hope to achieve next season?

Missed out on a flag last year due to driver error so that’s the goal and to be competitive the bar is so high it’s not easy keeping up with the best of the drivers in supers but it’s exciting trying.

What characteristics do you think are important to become good in racing?

Its important to have good crew and a good game plan and have a thorough understanding of the setup and adjustments mid meeting.  Baypark was difficult to read last year so the goal is to read it better than last year.

What do we have to look forward to for the up coming season?

We have secured a sponsor for this season and hopefully the new suspension will help us get quicker too.

What do you think the fans wouldn’t know about racing every time you hit the track?

The cost involved and the speed when your in the car . Also the mindset if you crash it . I had a huge crash in the  saloon and it was a long journey to get the car and the mindset back on the  track .

What are you look forward to the most about the up coming calendar race season?

Has to be the NZ title.  It’s just a whole different story at this event and actually qualifying is satisfying so I can only imagine how it is to get a number on your door  . But just competing with the best drivers is such a buzz and beating them in a heat or 2 adds to the thrill.

Who do you look up to in the racing community?

I admire guys like Kerry and Shane McIntyre because of their ability to build racecars and pass on their knowledge of how to set them up to get the power to the dirt. As far as drivers go Peter Dickson is just a legend and amazing to watch passing cars at ease as well as Mr Hypermac and then I go back to the legends I had the pleasure of racing with such as Maurice Cowling Dave Sutton Geoff Fletcher and Bruce Beaumont at the old Baypark when they raced saloons against the Aussies there it was awesome racing to watch .

Let’s talk about Baypark Speedway

What made you choose to race the Mighty M ?

I race at the mount because I live locally but I’m pretty passionate about Baypark and excited about this year with Rodney Wood preparing the track it used to break my heart when drivers and fans bagged the place because it has such huge potential to be the best in the country .

What do you think of the way Baypark Speedway is being run this season?

The changes are all positive so it can only help improve the sport.

What would you like to see improve for the Speedway and your class?

I’m not sure if I want to get into the political side of super saloons because it’s so technical and its going through a lot of possible changes.  I’m just excited to finally race a super and overwhelmed by how fast they go so I’m happy to get in the seat and hang on to the pack and not finish last .

Tell us about your sponsors and what kind of support you get from them?

This year we’ve  got Tasman aluminum back on the car and are very grateful to them for their support.  My crew consists of my beautiful partner Elyse and her two daughters Naroli and Wairaka.  Lastly my good mate and crew chief Chris who gives us his time and commitment to get better every race of every meeting.  Their support is priceless.

Final Words…What would you like to say to the fans out there?

Finally to all the Snowman fans I thank for your support and know that you will enjoy my humor and racing passion because I love speedway racing and get to do it with great friends and competitors who enjoy sharing their stories over a few beers or cups of tea and chatting about the battles and how they went . It’s such a great way to spend a weekend and catch up with good people.