Let’s Talk With Brody Mathieson

Years racing:  Hydroplanes 15years Sprintcars 2 years
Home track: 
Baypark Speedway
Feature wins: 
Classes raced


Dexion, Eastwoodkitchens, Jc builders, Meta engineering Inglewood, Tavolo solid surfaces

Downtown Vehicle Recovery, Bay stump removal

When did you start racing and how did you get into it?

Crewed on mates Sprintcar 75m for years had a spin in that then I was hooked

What classes have you run over the years?

Just the 2 years in Sprintcars,

What are you most proud of in your racing career?

Winning the most improved driver in 2021 and actually buying a car and having a crack it’s a lot different on that side of the fence

What titles have you received while racing?

I have won 3 national titles in Hydroplanes.

What is your all-time favourite track to race at and why?

Quite liked Palmy track  was smooth and fast and Baypark Speedway, big track and plenty of room

What are you currently doing in the off-season and how do you prepare mentally and physically for this sport?

Working my ass off to buy a new motor, like doing a bita PE when time allows it, working on some sponsorship deals for the new season

( So if you are looking to have your company on the coolest Sprintcar hit me up)

What do you hope to achieve next season?

As many laps possible hopefully no more engine troubles with the new motor

What characteristics do you think are important to becoming successful in racing?

It all comes down to having good gear a good crew and prep in the garage having the car ready to race when you get to the track

What is happening with your car in the off-season any major changes we should look out for once the season starts?

Only major change is a new motor being bolted in.

Speedway racing can be fast and dangerous, looking out toward the fans, what do you think is one thing the fans will never understand until they are behind the wheel of a race car?

Its not as easy as it looks can’t explain the amount of throttle and brake control it takes to drive a Sprintcar and the speed everything happens they are rapid  things to drive.

What is your favourite race on the NZ race calendar?

Teams Champs weekend in palmy and Winged Thunder at Harrisville

Who do you admire most in motorsport and why?

Shane Van Gisbergen and his ability to be able to adapt to anything and drive it fast

Let’s talk about Baypark Speedway,

  • What made you decide to run the Mighty M? Local track and 15min from home
  • What do you think of the changes and the way direction the speedway is moving? Promotion and Rodney doin the track prep has improved the place a lot
  •  What would you like to see improve for both the speedway and your class? Think the class is heading in the right direction now a lot of that comes down to the track being a lot better,  and the speedway just needs to sort the food out it’s shit

Tell us about your sponsors, what kind of business they run and the support you get from them.

(I’m yet to confirm all my sponsors, there may be more/less come opening night)

Dexion Mt maunganui

Eastwood kitchens

Bay stump removal

JC builders bop

Meta engineering Inglewood

Tavolo solid surface

Downtown vehicle recovery

I couldn’t do it without the support thank you

We know sponsors play a big part but so do crews and families, tell us about your support team? Andrea my partner for the support and time I spend in the garage and how much I spend on going round in circles all the crew that come along on a Saturday to help out and drink my beer at the end of the night couldn’t do it without the help form everyone it’s great

.Final words …… What would you like to say to your fans and the wider speedway community?

Come along bring the family for a good night out come down the pits say gidday