Let’s Talk – With Ayrton Hodson

Years racing 5
Home track:  Baypark Speedway
Feature wins: Got a couple here and there
Classes raced: Sprintcar, Six shooter, Ministock
Sponsors: Llama Racefuel, Llama engineering, Liquimoly, Raceworks, Eye spy
security, BOP signs

When did you start racing and how did you get into it?
I started racing when I was 12 in ministocks racing out of Huntly, Dad had
been racing his whole life so I was already eager to get into it.

What classes have you run over the years?
I’ve raced ministocks, six shooters and sprint cars.

What are you most proud of in your racing career?

Getting the opportunity to drive a Sprintcar amongst the best, or my big
Smokey burnout after my last Ministock race.

What titles have you received while racing?
1st Future of speedway, 1st MIP 3rd tier, 2nd Waikato champs, 3rd Waikato
Ministock champs, 3rd CTRA NZ Ministock champs, 2nd 0800 Muscle Six Shooter Series,

What is your all-time favourite track to race at and why?
Definitely Rotorua (Paradise Valley Raceway) in the Ministock was the best as the surface was always so
good and the racing was always good fun but in the six shooter it’d be Baypark Speedway
as Rodney and his team have really brought the track back which is making
the racing way better than what it was.

What are you currently doing in the off-season and how do you prepare
mentally and physically for this sport?

Currently in the middle of rebuilding the new car which we have high hopes for
as it has some super good gear on it. I gym a lot which helps keep me fit for
the longer and harder races.

What do you hope to achieve next season?

To win in both classes that I’ll be running in or at least always be up there in
the hunt for it.

What characteristics do you think are important to becoming successful in

You have to have a lot of people backing and supporting you as you can’t do it
by yourself. Especially when you get to the classes that cost a pretty penny
you need the right people around you.

What is happening with your car in the off-season any major changes we
should look out for once the season starts?

With the new car we are going super bold on the design and the six shooter is
getting a brand new motor from Roydhouse Performance in Australia which
we are hoping will help get us more speed.

Speedway racing can be fast and dangerous, looking out toward the fans, what
do you think is one thing the fans will never understand until they are behind
the wheel of a race car?

Just the thrill of it and the excitement you get from it. Also how quickly things
can go wrong and just how aware you have to be about things around you.

What is your favourite race on the NZ race calendar?
Whatever race I’m doing

Who do you admire most in motorsport and why?
Kyle Larson, just the huge amount of races he’s won and the ability to just
jump in a car and be quick off the bat and win most of the time is crazy.
Let’s talk about Baypark Speedway,

Let’s Talk Baypark Speedway

  • What made you decide to run the Mighty M?
  • It’s close to home and has all the classes we run

What do you think of the changes and the way direction the speedway is

“I think the changes they have made to the surface is really good for the racing, it has come a long way from what it was.”

  • What would you like to see improve for both the speedway and your
  • I think that we could have more meetings so we could run the classes
    that don’t get as much of a run more often as like the ministocks got
    pushed around a lot last season and didn’t race very much and that’s a
    really important class as it’s where a majority of people start .

  • Tell us about your sponsors, what kind of business they run and the support
    you get from them?

    Llama race fuelThey run a fuel company that sells fuel to competitors
    throughout speedway and so far has proven to be really successful.
  • They support us by providing all our fuel throughout the season.
  • Llama EngineeringThere is an engineering company that does car fabrication
    and builds and rebuilds engines. They have done not only mine but dad’s
    engines as well since forever and have never disappointed.

    RaceworksTrevor and Sarah at Raceworks do Racecar fabrication, general
    engineering, trailers, roll cages, rebuild diffs, stainless and aluminum welding
    and all your specialized fabrication. They have done so much for us and are
    always super helpful when we need something done.

    Liquimoly- Liquimoly is a German company specializing in oils, lubricants and
    additives. They provide our oil and supply us with various lubricants as well.

    BOP signs- Bop signs is a sign writing company and sign writes pretty much
    everything. Johno does all our sign writing needs from little stickers to
    wrapping a full car.

    Eye spy security. Eye spy is a security business that provides cctv, alarms,
    monitoring, etc. This is mum and dads business and since they support me a
    huge amount it’s only right to have their business on the car.

  • We know sponsors play a big part but so do crews and families, tell us about
    your support team?

    The current crew isn’t a big one as it’s just Mum, Dad and little brother as the
    missus still hasn’t been convinced yet. They play a big part in getting me on
    the track as it is full on all night. So anyone who has experience and is keen to
    spin spanners for us do flick me a message!

    Final words …… What would you like to say to your fans and the wider speedway community?

To everyone who supports me and fans that come up after the race just a big thank you for all your
support as it means a lot. Also anyone out there that wants to support or sponsor a two open wheel
car team do get in touch to sort something out as we also have space on the cars to show off your
logo on what will be on the best looking cars on the track.