Let’s chat – Hayden Williams

Off the back of a very successful summer season of racing in NZ with many podium finishes current 1NZ Midget car driver Hayden Williams has just arrived in the States for an exciting few months of doing what he loves the most, racing. We were excited to ask him a few questions to share with all fans back home and worldwide.

Where are you living while in the USA?

When I’m not racing I’ll be based in LA for the summer!

How long is your stay?

For about 4months depending on how things go. Looking to spend as much time as I can here and enjoy it!!

Was it hard to enter the USA given the current pandemic?

To be honest not really. Obviously it crossed my mind a  little But after talks with people I knew in the US I had no issues at all in coming over. And after being here for a few days I’ve found that things are pretty much back to normal here! 

What does your racing schedule look like?

We haven’t set out a schedule as yet but We will hopefully get a test run in this weekend at Merced speedway  in California. Followed  both USAC and Powri midget weeks to start our campaign in June. Further meetings will be added in time once we workout out our plans 

What do you hope to achieve while racing in the USA?

The competition is tough here so I have set myself some pretty realistic goals! Just hoping to get some top fives with USAC. But a win on American soil would be a dream come True! I want to just gain more experience on and off the the track. Learning more about the suspension/setups of the cars also.

What race meeting are you looking forward to the most?

Probably going back to Lawrenceburg speedway that place was baddass last time. I was there. and finally getting to run at the famous Kokomo speedway! 

Did the BSL NZ1 car travel with you?  And have you had to make any major changes to the car to race in the States?

We shipped our own car out of BSL racing over minus the engine. With the different engine regulations here in the US. We will be running a brand new lightweight 161ci esslinger as a posed to the 166ci engines we run back home!

What do you do in your downtime (in between race meetings)?

When not busy working on the cars I’m hoping to get back into the gym and use my down time here to learn more about  the science of how some of things work that make speedway cars work ie shocks, engines etc 

Will you be coming back to NZ to race this summer?

Yeah will most definitely be back for our summer season hoping that we can pick up where we left off last season and put the knowledge gained to good use!!

If fans would like to follow what you are up to while you are there, where should they head?

Everyone can follow Hayden Williams racing on both Facebook and Instagram. I will try to keep everything updated as best as I can’ but also everyone can tune in on Floracing for all USAC shows!