Bay Per View! returns for big Sprintcar show.

Baypark Speedway’s Livestream option now called Bay Per View and will return March 12th.

A play on words, Bay Per View is like Pay Per View in USA, or Clay Per view in Australia, this is where you will find the Baypark Speedway’s Livestream service when it returns to screens next weekend.

Continuing with the Bay theme that has been running all season long with such events like Bays of Thunder!, Bay51, Bay Bowl and this weeks Bay Jamboree Seamount Classic its only fitting that the Livestream gets the same catchy treatment.

We all know what happened on the 5th of February when unforeseen circumstances in the form of a major power outage caused the Bay51 stream to shut down for more than half of its running time until power could be restored at the stadium, then a surge done by the power company took out the main back up generator as well and access to the internet all in one go.

Baypark Speedway Manager Melissa Webb put a halt to Livestreaming while the team worked on a back up contingency plan that would ensure the same thing didn’t happen again.

A lot of work has to be done behind the scenes including a separate back up system to be in place as Baypark Stadium is no stranger to power cuts it seems.

“When 100% of your audience is watching via the internet, a power cut like that again is not an option”

“Its more then putting in a couple of generators that needs to be done, we have to look at hosting capability with our internet services and that’s just the start, all this needs to be running like clockwork before we go down that road again, this is why we have not run the last two meetings to air” She says.

M registered driver Cole Woods at full send on the new Baypark Track Surface.

Though it may seem that Baypark are taking away an option in times like this for Speedway fans to get their fix, It’s not, we are just making sure we have it right for the fans and tests were run at last weekend’s at the Seamount Classic Bay Jamboree meeting to make sure.

The best in Open Wheel Racing in Sprintcars, Midgets Formula 2 Midgets. and Super-Saloons and Ministocks means its going to be a great night, especially since it looks like Baypark are moving in the right track, no pun intended, (well maybe a little)

However including the Bay per view seats will be released to the crowd to witness the Bay Piston Cup show which Baypark Speedway have released limited entry of 1000 tickets for sale online, and a full covid19 protection framework plan to add further protection to the fans who come along this weekend.

“Numbers are rising everyday, we listened to the fans and opened up the gates but like other tracks, we are not selling near half the amount put up for sale, do we move back to just streaming the events? or wait until the peak is done and people feel they can return. “Its challenging to keep events going and provide a service , even if we wanted too something has to give but, I have faith the fans will be supportive one way or another. Says Melissa.

McDonnell and Mathews go side by side during the Bay51

Tickets go on sale through eventfinda and all the nights information can be found on both the website and Baypark Speedway social pages.

Next week Baypark will host the Bay Piston Cup Sprintcar 30 Lapper, both with limited entry and

Bay Per View Access. Tickets for this event can be purchased here,